Moving to Iqaluit, near the North Polo

Jobs pay twice as much

Get a college education paid for by part-time work

The cost of living in Iqaluit is high

Amazon Prime delivers to Iqaluit at no extra charge

Mail is picked up at the post office

No roads to anywhere else

More taxis than anywhere else

Highest suicide rate

Liquor and Cannabis are legal

Sexual abuse exceeds 50%

Ten people live in one room. Iqaluit housing crisis.

The highest fertility rate in Canada

Elementary, Middle, and High School education

Daycare waiting line: forever

Seeing a doctor costs C$900

Iqaluit courthouse. An inspiration for Manhattan

Who moves to Iqaluit?

Iqaluit’s food bank

A role model for Inuits

Lessons from Iqaluit



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George Benaroya

George Benaroya


VP Finance, Global Controller, CFO | P&G, Tetra Pak, Nivea| Strategy executed in 180 countries ►Profitable growth| NYU Faculty